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What is outdoor fit ™?

Outdoor Fitness Studio


Outdoor Fit™ uses Aire Fitness® Studios and provides its owners with a turn-key solution to run a successful fitness studio. 

Latest Trend


Capitalize on the latest trend in the Fitness Industry. Outdoor Fit™ offers the latest Functional Fitness Training Services , Instruction and Programs for Personal, Semi-Private & Small Group Training. 



Outdoor Fit ™ includes the Aire Fitness® Studio,  the Fitness Programs, Management Software, Marketing and Promotional Packages, etc

Professional Equipment


For the first time your members can use professional fitness equipment outdoors.

Benefits of the Outdoors


Members can enjoy the benefits of the sunshine and fresh air while getting fit!

Portable and More!


Take your Outdoor Fit™ Studio with you! Your studio is semi-permanent and can be moved anywhere!

About outdoor fit llc

Social impact


Our Mission is to make fitness accessible to everyone, no matter where they live. 

Benefit Corporation


We are in the process of becoming a Certified Benefit Corporation (BCorp)

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